Goat hide furniture is kind of furniture usually made from teak wood and use goat leather as the upholstery. Goat hide leather is the natural, unbleached skin and hair of a goat and it retain the coloring of the animal. Goat hide leather can be used to make teak goat hide stool and teak goat hide chair.

Goat hide furniture is beautifully unique pieces of old teak furniture and responsibility sourced and handcrafted in Indonesia by Old Teak Furniture.

Goat hides are a natural product – they’re very arduous wearing. They can be vacuumed or brushed with a tough, plastic brush in the course of the hairs, which can keep the glossy shine of the hide. Spillages might be wiped clean with a moist clear fabric and cleaning soap and water. Do not soak the disguise or get it too wet. Wipe the whole cover with a clean dry towel to take away as much moisture as possible.



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Goat Hide Furniture