We are Indonesian teak furniture manufacturer producing best quality of reclaimed teak furniture, recycled teak furniture, boat wood furniture, and reclaimed wood wall cladding. Our mission is to produce Green furniture and environmentally friendly furnishings. For most of our furniture, 100% reclaimed teak wood to produce the furniture. We choose recycled wood to participate in the world that enrich the program with no cutting of trees, resulting in global warming, as is presently the case. On the other hand using old teak wood furnishings furniture produced even more antique look. With tenacity and cold hands of the craftsmen that are reliable, we deliver furniture quality furniture. Our recycled teak furniture collections are old teak cabinets, tables, chairs, frames, armoire and wardrobes and much more.

We offers a comprehensive range of reclaimed solid teak furniture hand crafted by our own team of carpenters using traditional methods into pieces designed for modern living! The understated simplicity of each of our items of furniture with clean lines and basic structures allows the time-aged wood to speak for itself.

Some of our furniture is made from salvaged timber reclaimed from old buildings in Indonesia. The timber is carefully selected, kilned and handcrafted into beautiful furniture.
Using reclaimed teak, adds substantially to the quality and enrichment of each piece of furniture. Aged over the course of the past 100 years, like a fine wine, each piece of wood has developed it’s own character and peculiarities including markings and indents left over from past uses over it’s history. In short, no two pieces of Jati Lama furniture are the same.

Whats more there is the added environmental benefit in knowing that the furniture you are buying does not contribute to rain-forest deforestation.

We are able to feel that teak furniture is mostly a materials that dream even contained in the contemporary era. Reclaimed Teak is usually a rough wooden furniture. Organic supplies and unique views to create the countryside in the direction of interest no matter what the bench anywhere. Rustic furniture is such as that’s made from wood unfinished or roughly completed.

Rustic furniture would be the best house decorating for those nature lovers, which we produced it with Recycled – Reclaimed Teak Furniture.

Our recycled teak furniture collection combine the vintage look and modern design of reclaimed teak furniture. Our reclaimed teak furniture is delivered fully assembled and all of our teak furniture collection can be produced in custom design.

We serve all kinds of orders of old teak furniture for homes, office furniture, cafes and hotels furniture. If you are interested in our furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us.