Environmentally Friendly Furniture
Being green is part of our philosophy. It all begins with the selection of wood. Large beams are reclaimed from older structures like homes, barns and warehouses. This ensures that no trees are felled and that the wood is already seasoned.
These newly crafted furniture pieces are made from recycled  teak wood, reclaimed from deconstruction sites throughout Indonesia. The planks are salvaged from demolished buildings, bridges and wharves.
The reclaimed teak is then sent to our workshop where it spends 2 weeks in our solar powered kiln. It’s very important to remove any excess moisture from the teak prior to making the pieces.
Teak as a renewable resource
Reclaimed teak is the very heart of our business, and we do everything possible to support sustainable forestry and the responsible use of this precious resource. The beams we reclaim are century old and have developed beautiful character and patina over the years. Manufacturers who use new or “Green Teak”‘ run a very high risk of their pieces warping and cracking. We only use 100% solid reclaimed teak which is naturally well seasoned. Teak is a dynamic material, affected by light, air, weather and changes in the temperature. Over the years your furniture will mature and respond to its surroundings. Our craftsmen love working with aged teak, as the grain speaks for itself and guides their tools. The final piece is always unique, and always full of character.
Recycled teak is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in hot and cold climates.

We hand craft everything ourselves, from start to finish. Artisans will work on a single piece at a time focusing their creative energy so that each piece becomes an artful expression of its creator.
When the piece is finished it is hand sanded. It then receives 2 coats of polish before the desired color is applied. We then use a natural shellac to seal the color. The piece then receives several coats of natural beeswax before delivery.