Reclaimed Teak Furniture is furniture product that use all the materials from recycling, reuse, reclamation of teak wood. Our reclaimed teak is sourced from an ancient house,recycled boat woods, former old ancient bridges, and others old former things.

The main materials and panel construction are recycled from reclaimed wood, along with the different ancient teak wood such as railway sleepers which are recovered to made furnishing with the natural rustic style or rustic to modern style.

Reclaimed Teak can also be categorized as a reclaimed lumber that can be sourced from: Demolition of houses and buildings, The Railway Sleepers, shipwreck, and also the Old Ancient furniture.

Reclaimed wood is a pioneer in creating a variety of accessories and furniture from wood unused, but anyway produce beautiful furniture that will lovely furnish your houses and your gardens. Uniquely reclaimed wood furniture especially reclaimed teak furniture will ever last long time and can give you such feelings of comfort and secure because of its strength, durability and artistic look. No wonder why people boast off their reclaimed teak furniture because they are really beautiful and wonderful compared to the others.

It is not surprising that in a future period, reclaimed teak furniture will become the benchmark in the use of eco-friendly furniture and very appropriate for recycling systems of unused wood.